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1 OZ Blue Lotus Flowers (Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile)

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When Tutankhamun’s Tomb was discovered in 1922, the pharaoh's body was found covered in a mass of 3000 years old Blue Lotus petals. A portrait-statue of Tutankhamun’s head emerging from a blue lily flower was also found in the same tomb.

The sacred blue lily of the Nile was the symbol to different deities, like Osiris, Nefertem and Ra, the Bringer of Light. Depictions in tombs, sculptures and temple wall decorations are today’s most important clues to the uses of the plant back in the day.
Many historians believe it was purely a symbolic flower, but there is mounting evidence that suggests that ancient Egyptians used the plant to induce ecstatic states, sedation, arousal, as well as for medicine.